Saturday, February 19, 2011

Disturbia - Free Download Mp4 Movie

After Kale Bretch's father passed away due to an accident he loses his track in life and becomes troubled. Kale was placed under house arrest one day because he punched his Spanish teacher in class. Being stuck inside an empty house almost everyday and unable to go out even past his from lawn, Kale begins to observe his neighbors as a past-time. One night, he witnessed one of his neighbors Mr. Turner, to have committed what looks like a murder. Kale then gets obsessed with spying on his neighbor. Tensions get higher as Kale had a few run-ins with his neighbor which he "believes" to have committed a crime, but has yet to prove it.

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Click on the links below to download the free Disturbia Mp4 (2 parts):

Disturbia (part1)

Disturbia (part2)