Monday, February 14, 2011

Cidade de Deus (City Of God) Part 1 And Part 2 - Free Download Full Movies

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This is a Brazilian gangster flick which takes place in the city of Rio De Janeiro in the 1960's. There are two boys who grew up together in the slums of Rio, one kid wanted to be a photographer (Rocket) and the other grew up to be a gangster (Lil Ze).

The movie is a narrative of Rocket's experiences in the slums and takes a view of Lil Ze's rise to power. Along the way, the two cross each other paths.

Just like any other gangster movie, the ending is pretty heavy, but if you are into gangster movies, here is one to catch well worth your downloading time.

Just click on the links below to download part 1 and part 2:

City Of God (Part 1) 145.40MB

City Of God (Part 2) 147.94MB