Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bee Movie - Download MP4 Movie ( part1 And part2 )

Bee's are known to be hard workers with a system of gathering food but whoever thought bee's went to school and learned how to interact with people? Well in this movie, Barry B. Benson, a bee portrayed by Jerry Seinfeld can do all these things. Barry went to college and learned everything an average human can possibly learn. When he graduated, he went to the crowded and chaotic streets of Manhattan. He got into trouble but was saved by a local florist Vanessa with whom Barry became good friends with but by breaking the "Bee Law". Barry learns after time, that humans take away all the honey that the bee's work so hard for and with his college education and background, he files suit against all of humanity.

Click on the links below to download the free Bee Movie MP4 (2parts):

Bee Movie (part1)

Bee Movie (part2)