Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blow - Free Download MP4 Movie ( Part1 And Part2 )

There was a boy named George Jung (Johnny Depp), who grew up in a financially struggling family in the 1950's. When the family went bankrupt, George swore to himself that he would not allow the same thing to happen to him. So in the 1960's he began selling weed/marijuana in California for extra bucks, he was doing okay until he got busted by the cops. But being caught by the cops was a blessing in disguise because in prison he met a cocaine supplier and realized that selling coke is more profitable than selling weed. George then became one of the biggest cocaine suppliers in the United States and he was well off. But his success in selling cocaine came with some irreversible consecquences.

Click on the links below to download the Blow MP4 for free (2 parts):

Blow (Part1) 156.99 MB

Blow (Part2) 122.37 MB