Monday, August 1, 2011

Tips And Tricks To Earn Money From Hotfile (Complete Guide )

 This post is a complete guide on how to start earning money from home with hotfile.Now,In this I would not let any stone unturned and will tell you each and every best step to earn money from hotfile.If you follow this guide then there is no reason that you wont be able to earn from hotfile.Before starting the complete step by step tutorial on Tips and Tricks to earn money money from hotfile let me give a brief introduction of hotfile.
Hotfile is a filesharing website that pays the uploaders for their file downloads.This is a trusted and genuine website and always pays on time.The best feautre is the Remote Uploading i.e you wont have to upload files by yourself,you can also upload files from other sites.So, if you have a slow internet connection then also there is not a big problem.Hotfile is free to register.

Here is the payment proof from hotfile
proofxp Tips And Tricks To Earn Money From Hotfile (Complete Guide )
1.     Goto hotfile and register.Its completely free.Click Here to go to hotfile
2.     Register a account.After registration Login into your hotfile account.
3.     Now click on Remote upload.
remoteg Tips And Tricks To Earn Money From Hotfile (Complete Guide )
4.     Remember always try to upload content which is not easily available or in high demand.Like latest released hollywood movies or Video songs or Tv shows or Some Templates or Games(All these things have a very high Demand)
5.     To remote upload it is required that the files are stored in mediafire server.And it is quite easy to find files on mediafire.
6.      Now I will show you how to remote upload on hotfile from mediafire.
7.     Enter the mediafire url of the file in your browser.
8.     Now right click on Click here to download file and click on copy link location.
9.     Paste this in the hotfile remote upload can simultaneously upload multiple files by pasting each url in next line of the remote upload box.

10. After you have eneterd all the urls click on upload.
11.It will only take 2-3 minutes to upload all your files.

12. We recommend you to upload files greater then 100 mb becuase you will earn more and more if the file size is large.Below is the earnings according to file size
earningstable Tips And Tricks To Earn Money From Hotfile (Complete Guide )
13. After succesful upload you will get your links for the uploaded files.Copy these links and paste them in notepad.
Now here is the big problem resolved i.e promotion of these links.
The best way to promote your download links is the use of warez forums.These are huge source of downloads but you will only get the downloads if and only if you have something that is not easily available or is in high demand.
If you have Some warez like movies, games or softwares etc that you have uploaded on hotfile and want to promote these links then here are some of the best forums where you can share your links.
Register on all of the above forums and post your threads in relevant sections of the forums.
(We reccomend you to build your own huge forum list where you can share you files in addtion to the above forums)
Now here is the step by step guide on how to make you post attrative an get huge downloads.
Three things to know for posting:
1- Whatever you post, it should have an image.You can post images to free image hosting sites like. tinypic or imageshack will get the code of your image after uploading.Image code will be as:
2- You will have to add a little description about your file.For movies you can try, softwares do have a description in the Help–>about can copy.while description is not necessary in music videos, wallpapers etc.youR description should be enclosed by quote tag as
[QUOTE]your description[/QUOTE]
3- After you upload your file, you will get a link. link shall be enclosed by tag code as:
[CODE]your link[/CODE]
NOTE:If you have a good internet connection then we reccomend you to download latest movies or softwares or games as soon as they are available on torrents and manually upload them on hotfile.This will give you a huge edge over others becuase you will be the only one who is currently sharing that file and you will get very huge amount of downloads.,