Monday, August 1, 2011

Tips And Tricks To Double Hotfile Earnings

Recently I blogged about how I earn money from linkbucks.I recieved a lot of emails asking me to share some more tips and tricks to Earn Money.So today I am sharing a Special method by using which you will be able to get around double the amount which others are getting.Below is a step by step tutorial of this method.Remember I am using this method for long time and it is 100% tested.
1.Goto hotfile and register.Its completely free.Click Here to go to hotfile.
signup Tips And Tricks To Double Hotfile Earnings
2.After you complete the signup process on hotfile.Login into your hotfile account.
3.Click on upload and now click on remote upload.
remoteg Tips And Tricks To Double Hotfile Earnings
4.Now go to any warez site.Usually people prefer downloading movies.So,you can goto websites like or mediafirefilms .Now copy the mediafire link of any movie and paste it in your browser.
5.Once you hit enter you will see “Click Here To download”.Right click on this and click on copy link url.
6.Now go to hotfile and paste this link in the remote upload box.Do this for all links of the movie.
7.Click on upload and these files will be automatically uploaded to hotfile.And you will be provided with your hotfile links.
nesrqw Tips And Tricks To Double Hotfile Earnings
Now Here Is the Special Trick to Increase your earnings
8.Now go to linkbucks and sign up.It is also free.Click here to go to linkbucks.
9.After your account is create you have to convert your hotfile links into linkbucks links.Now you will be able to earn money from both linkbucks and hotfile.
10.Paste these links in warez forums.You Can use google to find list of warez forums.
Here is a payment proof from hotfile
proofxp Tips And Tricks To Double Hotfile Earnings
Now will be earning a double commision on every download.,