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Ada apa dengan cinta? (2002) Full Download Film Gratis

Director: Rudy Soedjarwo

Writers: Jujur Prananto, Prima Rusdi

Stars: Dian Sastrowardoyo, Nicholas Saputra, Titi Kamal and Ladya Cheryll

Genre: Romance | Drama

Release date: 8 February 2002

Country: Indonesia

Language: Indonesian


Cinta is a popular teenage girl living a comfortable lifestyle. She is
gifted and accomplished, surrounded by a group of faithful friends, and
has caring and supportive parents. The story begins with Cinta and her
four best friends crying on each other's shoulders for Alya, who was the
victim of domestic abuse by her father. Cinta recites the group's
pledge to the buku curhat, a diary or scrapbook shared by the girls,
that a problem one of them is going through is to be shared with all of

is a school poet who has been honored for her work, and, in her final
year of high school, she submits a beautiful poem to the yearly poetry
contest. However, the grand prize in the contest is awarded to a boy
named Rangga. However, Rangga, rather than going to the podium to
receive his prize, took offence and retreated to a hiding spot.

In direct contrast to Cinta, Rangga's name is rarely heard of in the
school, and his best friend is the school janitor. Rangga lives in a
lower middle-class neighbourhood with his father Yusrizal, whose
outspokenness has led to bomb threats from pro-government thugs.
Moreover, his parents divorced because of his father's disengagement
from the government office for exposing government corruption.

Cinta is somewhat jealous of Rangga's unexpected victory, but is careful
not to show it. This leads Cinta to search for Rangga and request an
interview for the school bulletin. However, Rangga immediately detects
insincerity in Cinta's congratulations and walks away, leaving Cinta to
be irritated by his perceived arrogance. As it turns out, Rangga never
entered his poem for the contest; it was submitted on his behalf by the
school janitor. Cinta starts finding herself admiring Rangga's poetry
and sees that they have a shared interest in classical Indonesian
literature, and the two began to keep in touch regularly. The two become
friends, although their friendship is coloured with quarrels and
arguments. The two like each other and the friendship begins to evolve
into romance, but fear and pride keep either Cinta or Rangga from
admitting it.

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