Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THE PASSING - Free Download Full Movie

Download Film Gratis The Passing (2011)

English Review
The three Naibert children, in their teens and early twenties, inherit a vast estate from their grandmother Rebecca. But unknown to them, the family inheritance has passed from grandmother to granddaughter for centuries - and Rebecca has a long reach from the grave to assure that the line is unbroken. The first weekend in the mansion is a party for the three Naiberts and their friends - but one by one, they vanish without a trace. Is death the punishment for violating Rebecca's spell? Are the demons that beset the young people real - or only reflections of their own fear? Is it murder, violence from another dimension, or madness? The answer lives in the reflections.

Release : 2011
Genre: Horror
Cast: Colleen Shannon, Tara Carroll, Paul Gleason

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