Monday, September 19, 2011

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English Review
There is the idea that the television killed Italian gore cinema. By the mid-80’s no longer were investors interested in pouring loads of cash into genre pieces. In Italy, television was where it is at. Established names like Dario Argento could always find funding, but anyone up and coming, who wanted to make a horror film would need to think again.** However, now – after many years of relative silence from the Italians (with the exception of a one-off film here or there) the digital revolution is starting to spawn a small resurgence of interest in old school splatter. One company, EuroObscura, is focused on once again pushing the genre and bringing Italians back into the international gore scene.
Bloodline is the first of three films to soon be released from EuroObscura. Don’t expect these films to find their way to the big screen though. Rather, like many independently produced genre films these days, Bloodline and company will find their way to a mass audience through VOD providers or direct-to-video releases.

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Horror
Stars: Francesca Faiella, Virgilio Olivari and Marco Benevento
Quality: DVDScr
Encoder: NaNo@Ganool
Source: DVDSCR XviD-SiC
Release Info: NFO
Subtitle: English Hardsub