Monday, January 31, 2011

taylor swift hot pics and beach video

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Taylor Alison Swift is an American country artist, singer-songwriter and an actress

taylor swift was born on December 13th, 1989

Taylor swift engaged in a romantic moment with her boy friend

In 2006, taylor released her debut single 'Tim McGraw'

Check Out The Beach Videio of Taylor Swift - Eight-time Grammy nominee Taylor Swift has released a home video from a beach vacation. The video shows Taylor Swift romping around in a beach with some friends, jet-skiing, and waterfall showering while in a black bikini. All in all a seemingly good time. Good for her.

wow look at this cute barby doll in a white spotted bikini

well a busy and successful celebrity like her must need a pool sleep every here and then, don't you think!!

taylor swift in a beautiful green gown with her partner in black

Taylor enjoying her vacations at the beach in a hot black bikini

OOh that black color increases the richness of her beauty

taylor swift on the back of the steering, ... are you ready for a ride